Rihanna Covers Vogue, Dishes Out Her Own Style Advice


Photo: FashionMention

Singer Rihanna impressively lands her third Vogue cover for the March 2014 issue of the publication. As well as posing for the cover shot with a pixie crop and in a sheer black top, she also happily opens up on her own style and gives out some advice on the subject. Rihanna comments that oversized menswear can look amazing on women and she is currently in love with an Alexander Wang bomber made for men:

“It’s fierce. This is dope leather. More than anything, I like a jacket. You can do anything with a great jacket, the bigger the better. You can have any silhouette underneath. It gives you an attitude. It makes a gown look cool.”

She adds that women should try out some men’s clothing because it can have a powerful silhouette and look amazing:

““I love baggy things. I wear men’s clothes, men’s shoes, oxfords, creepers. If you go into a men’s shop and try something, they would look at you like, that’s a bad bitch.”

Rihanna admits that she doesn’t drop a lot of money when it comes to jewellery and it’s all “fake” and bought from cheap stores:

 “My jewelry’s all fake — from Claire’s. Or I get it from my mom’s boutique in Barbados. Her shop’s called FAB-U-LUS.”

The singer also reveals she is constantly changing her hair because she gets bored of it quickly and has a team of two people who are always available to give her a makeover:

 “I have two main hair people I work with. They’re always with me. I’m like, ‘I’m bored! I wanna change my hair!’ That’s the good thing about a weave. You can do whatever with it.”

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