The Kardashians Speak on Admiring Kate Middleton’s Style



The Kardashians are launching a new ‘Kardashian Kollection’ in collaboration with British label Lipsy, so they’ve naturally decided to share their thoughts on British style. When asked if they like Kate Middleton’s take on fashion, eldest sister Kourtney responded that she loves how she puts together looks and is open to mixing different labels with high street finds and other bargains:

”I love how she mixes designer pieces with price-friendly fashion that is accessible for women worldwide.” Khloe added: ”Her style is classic, graceful and effortless.”

Kim is just as impressed by the everyday girl found on the street in Britain and praises the country for being individual when it comes to getting dressed. Kim says she simply can’t pick one person who stands out above the rest because there are so many talented dressers in Britain and she thinks everyone is dedicated to standing out and having fun with their fashion choices which she loves:

“Just the average girl in the street. British girls have their own really different street style and I’m always looking at them like, ‘Oh my God, where did you get that?’ Everyone is very individual. So I don’t think it’s one particular celebrity or anything, it’s just street style from everyone out there. I think you’re all very well dressed.”

The new Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy is now available in stores and Kourtney says the new line is quite extensive and they’ve had the chance to make 45 designs this time around:

“We had the luxury of designing a 45-plus piece range for our S/S 14 Lipsy collection, so there was a lot of room for each of us to be really creative and incorporate all our individual design ideas into the collection.”

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