Wear Skirts in Winters with Perfectly Matching Accessories

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It is a fact that the bleak winters limit your clothing options a great deal. You have to keep yourself cozy in long coats, furs and tall boots. However, if you pair up your short dresses correctly, you can continue to wear your favourite minis in winters as well!

Here are some foolproof tips from celebrity fashion clothes to help you look as stylish in winters:

Tall boots

These are the simplest and the most stylish women’s fashion accessories to protect your bare legs from frostbite. Tall boots come in a humongous variety whether it is the texture, colour, style or length. The most recent celebrities fashion of this year is thigh high leather boots. These will give you the required protection from cold wave while you are wearing them with your shortest minis. For long skirts, you can try ankle shoes or knee high boots. For extra warmth, you can wear knee-high woollen socks with them.

Long coat

Wearing a long coat over your short skirt will be nothing but layering it up for extra warmth. The dress will look equally good with varying lengths of the skirt and coat. Even a coat longer than your skirt will do. You can also try a short coat paired up with a chic furry skirt.


Are you concerned about showing even a small part of your bare skin? You are lucky as we have something for you as well. Brace your short skirts with a pair of tights. You can go for opaque tights or translucent ones as you like it.

Faux fur

To guard your chest from icy winds, wrap up a stylish fur or a woven muffler round your neck. Faux fur has appeared in numerous styles in the last few years. To spice up your neutral colored dress, get a bright multicolored fur. With neutral colors in your dress, you have absolutely numerous options to pair it up with stylish womens fashion accessories for winters.

Other trendy womens fashion accessories that you can pair up with your dress in winters are beanies, colorful stockings, animal print leggings, hats, gloves, etc. GUESS Fashion Accessories 2011 2 large 300x300 Wear Skirts in Winters with Perfectly Matching Accessories

Now, before you hit the celebrity fashion clothes and womens fashion accessories stores, you must know which type of dress will suit your body the best. There are different dresses available in the market for women with different body shapes. Here is a quick look into this subject:

Women with rectangular body shape

A woman’s body is supposed to have curves but if you lack a body that has curves in the right place, you need to play it up with your clothes. Go for dresses with ruffles and more layers to give a delusion of curves. Short leather jackets will go perfectly with such dresses.

Inverted pear shaped body

If your upper body is wider than the lower, feminine dresses like the one with a flared skirt will suit you best. Both short jackets and long coats will work with such dresses.

Pear shaped body

With such a body shape, you would like to cover up the lower portion to create a balance. Layered dresses are the best choice for you and can be best paired with cropped jackets. Go for something that highlights your bust and waist.

Apple shaped body

This body type tends to flare out from the belly area. Loose fitted v-neck, cowl neck dresses and empire waist dresses are the perfect pick for you.

So now, you are ready for a complete wardrobe change. So ad a winter flair to your attire and stay fashionable!

  1. MHU

    I love tall boots

  2. Jocelyn

    Nothing better than tights and skirts!

  3. DD

    Tall boots are the only way to go!
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  4. Janelle

    Vanessa is so cute

  5. Allie

    I need to get me a pair of tall boots

  6. MHU

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Jocelyn

    She’s totally cute!

  8. DD

    I love skirts in winter!

  9. Jocelyn

    Great tips! Thanks!

  10. Janelle

    I hate wearing skirts in Winter, I get too cold

  11. Jody

    My wife wears tights with skirts all the time. I love them!

  12. Annemarie

    Great tips thanks for passing along!

  13. Annemarie

    I love tall boots!

  14. Jen

    Brilliant advice! I love a bit of faux fur!

  15. MK

    I would totally rock the skirts and tights look … if I was a girl!

  16. DD

    I love tights and leggings in the winter too
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  17. C J Blanx

    Thanks for the great tips and advice. It’s so important to dress according to your body type… we’ve all been there; purchasing something that we love even though it doesn’t quite fit right. It either sits in the closet for a lifetime or it gets hacked to pieces by your tailor in an attempt to salvage ;)

  18. BusyBee

    I love adding tights to skirts for winter
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