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The chromatic of the autumn/winter 2014/2015 season calls for colors, and color combinations, that we didn’t really appreciate until now. Navy blue is one of the nuances that makes the headlines during this period, slowly gaining back its privileged spot among the “hot” colors of the moment.Navy blue, like any other color, has a story behind it and it conveys a message. Symbol of elegance, navy blue it not an easily wearable color, but when the dosage is optimal, and the outfit has a certain unity, the “wow” effect is guaranteed.

Navy blue, the coolest color of winter

Apart from school uniforms, basically the ones placing navy blue into our lives, there is a break in our relationship with this color, leading up to maturity, which is why many of us wouldn’t characterize this color as being youthful, avoiding it.However, this is the time to dare and try to change your perspective, because otherwise you’ll miss out on many absolutely gorgeous pieces proposed for the 2014/2015 winter season.

Navy blue, the coolest color of winter

If you were to decipher the short message sent by the navy-blue proposals of the moment, “effortlessly chic” would certainly be the appropriate definition. Sophisticated and discreet, navy blue imprints a stylish image.Also known as the “exotic relative of the classic black”, navy blue can be now included in any outfit, under any form. From shoes, to dresses and coats, hats and purses. Suitable for both day outfits, giving a certain distinction, and evening outfits, even the most elegant of them. Navy blue will perfectly match your personal style.

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For this winter you can opt for all-navy blue outfits, but you can also combine it with other colors, either complementary or contrasting, for a great visual impact.If I had to choose one item in this color I would recommend to opt for a deconstructed navy blue coat. It’s the ideal piece for this season that will radically change your whole outfit. I would go even further with a pair of stilettos in the same shade.If you prefer color combinations, choose red, burgundy, orange and khaki shades. They will perfectly complement and highlight the navy blue pieces you choose.