Video: Rihanna Speaks on Her Style for Glamour’s Latest Issue!


Rihanna features on the cover of Glamour’s latest issue and also opens up on her own sense of style inside the magazine. She reveals that her love for fashion started with her own mother who she has always admired from a very young age:

“My love for fashion—let me say, my admiration for fashion—started with my mom, I used to watch her get dressed. She was around my age right now and she was so fly. So fly.”

On her changing lifestyle, Rihanna says she has mellowed out recently:

“It doesn’t p*** me off because they don’t know me so well, so it’s easy for them to draw conclusions and it’s their right to. How can they know anything different? But I tried to be as honest with myself as possible. Be realistic with who I am and what I love to do and what makes me happy.”

Check out more of Rihanna’s Glamour shoot through the video above!

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