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Rachel Zoe Gives Advice On Upgrading Your Wardrobe for Fall

If you haven’t updated your fall wardrobe yet and need some professional advice, turn to Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe is one of the best stylist, so taking a look at her hottest picks for the cold season will certainly put you on the right style path. Although she is a great fan of bohemian style and prefers darker tones, she doesn’t limit us to only these. The list of the pieces isn’t so strict and can appeal to a huge group of voguish fashionistas, so take a look and draw some inspiration for building up your new wardrobe that...

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3 Summer Trends You Can Take Into Fall

Fashion trends come and go so quickly that we have to buy new clothing pieces every single season to look stylish and dapper. So you have probably bought a bunch of new clothes for summer 2011 and with days getting cooler you’ll certainly pack them up and go shopping again. However, everyone would like to get as much use out of the things they buy as possible, even the trendy stuff. Some trends were born especially for summer 2011 and will die with it. Anyways, why not benefit from certain things that will be in fashion in the cool...

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Mango Pre-Fall 2011 Lookbook

Even though you are still having fun in the sun in your summer flirty dress and sandals now, fall is just around the corner and pre-fall is even closer! It’s high time to switch to the cool season and think about your new wardrobe essentials. Luckily, our faithful Spanish brand Mango has already taken care about the fall 2011 style, letting you just pick up your favorite without any worries. Featuring gorgeous Kasia Struss and Emma Xie, the latest Mango pre-fall 2011 lookbook covers all the hottest trends of the new season, brining an entire parade of denim items,...

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Topshop Fall 2011 Lookbook – First Look for Autumn

With the fall season next door, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the upcoming fashion tendencies and get ready to look flawless and stylish in the new season. Fashion trends change from season to season and to look fashionable in every season, it’s advised to take a look at the new color trends and styles in advances. If you want to be well prepared for the upcoming season, check out the new Topshop fall 2011 lookbook, where you’ll find any style matching your personality. What makes the Topshop fall 2011 lookbook so exceptional and attractive is the...

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