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20 Fashion Hacks to Make Being Stylish Easier

Keeping up with the latest fashions and carrying out the trends in style is never easy or cheap. However, Neverland Store  does make it easy to see the latest styles. Once you find your style, it can be hard to keep everything looking new. That is why these fashion hacks will help save you time and money while staying at the top of your fashion game. Here are 20 easy how to tips that will keep your fashion sense sharp and looking your best: 1.Removing Deodorant Stains: Image Source: Guff.com A baby wipe will remove deodorant stains. If you...

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10 key pieces of the autumn/winter 2014-2015 season

The autumn/winter 2014/2015 season reveals its favorite key pieces, from flowing dresses to luxurious furs, warm knitwear and timeless accessories. The designers are fascinated by intense reds and autumnal khakis, and it translates into declarative outfits, especially when worn head to toe. The passion for luxurious furs is also intense, and this style it’s making its way through the urban landscape, just like warm knitwear does in creative ensembles. The key accessories of the season are emphasized by retro influences and reinvented in “wow” pieces. The red dress (Photo: Prada) The red dress is one of the key pieces...

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The Tunic Dress: Glamming Up a Blank Canvas

Tunic dresses (also called “shifts”) are a must-have for a woman who enjoys her accessories. The simple, classic style is a blank canvas, inviting the wearer to be adventurous when it comes to accessorizing. A tunic dress is also practical, because it’s easy to create so many different looks from the same dress. First, what is a tunic (or shift) dress? According to Mom Generations, it’s a dress that falls straight from the shoulders to the hem. Typically, they have no structural details like waist definition or rouching. Specifically due to that simplicity, they can be many dresses in...

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The Growing Demand for Fashion Blogs for Curvy Women

Over the past couple of years, more and more blogs have been popping up all over the internet that are dedicated to fashion for curvy women while combating discrimination and the narrow-minded industry for the “ideal” body type that we see in the media. Girls actress, Lena Dunham, who is an advocate for real beauty in the media, but her recent photo shopped Vogue magazine cover caused quite the controversy. However, Dunham sees it as a good thing that the magazine chose someone such as herself (who she considers an unlikely candidate) to be on the cover and the...

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How to Become a Successful Fashion Blogger

So you want to become a fashion blogger? If so, you came to the right place! Becoming a fashion blogger is easy, but becoming a successful one takes quite a bit of work. Before you decide to put in the effort, you need to ask yourself three questions:   – Can you write? More specifically, do you know the difference between “your” and “you’re”? Even if you’re the most fashionable person in the world, no one is going to read your blog if it’s poorly written. – Do you have enough free time to update your blog regularly? One or two posts...

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