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Lindex Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

If your style is mainly characterized by the words sophisticated, feminine, delicate and girlish and if you are looking for new visionary and sassy clothing pieces, reflecting all the above mentioned, you’ll fall in love with the new collection of Lindex even with your eyes closed. This budget friendly label has become the favorite fashion house for many voguish girls, who want to highlight the dreamy and romantic attitude in their outfits. The latest Lindex Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook covers most of the hottest style waves of the warm season, containing new lovely designs, adorable prints and patterns that will...

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Zara ColorDresses and ColorPants 2011

No wonder, Zara is listed among those world-famous brands that quite often come with new collections, embracing the hottest trends of the season and presenting a line of gorgeous clothing pieces and accessories at quite affordable prices. Recently the brand has come with an extremely wide campaign, featuring several new small collections, like the TRF, Woman, Man and Kids collections. In all those collections, besides the domination of neutral colors, that much typical to Zara, we can also witness a revolution of hot brights, which are really highly appreciated this year. If you are a real voguish thrill-seeker, take...

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Blanco Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Perhaps no other trend speaks of summer better than the nautical-inspired trend. Stripes, stripes and stripes… They remind us of a lively and adventurous vacation spent on the French Riviera, carry some concept of youthful, playful and cheerful character and suit all age groups and preferences. We have noticed that most of the famous fashion labels focus on flower prints in their collections, but our favorite brand Blanco is also of the opinion that the nautical-inspired trend is the most inviting and appropriate for the warm season. The latest Blanco spring/summer 2011 lookbook contains a multitude of stripes, polka dots, leopard prints, denim, and vibrant red, navy blue and neutral colors – all in one word everything to create various stunning and interesting combinations. You can see stripes on handbags, skirts, dresses, t-shirts and even on socks. It seems like you have bought a ticket to a journey into the world of zebras. You can create different styles with the nautical-inspired trend, such as a feminine or even a masculine look. Additionally, stripes have a great power to stretch and slim your figure, if you have any problems with it. Besides sailor stripes and Mickey Mouse the Blanco spring/summer 2011 lookbook also took care about those striving to look edgy, presenting a line of fashion pieces with leopard prints. A leopard printed cardigan or a pair of shoes with...

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Vero Moda April 2011 Lookbook

Affordable and stylish fashion is always in a great demand, as it’s not necessary to empty your pockets for adopting several fashion pieces of the latest fashion trends. The popular label Vero Moda is also of this opinion, always presenting fresh and interesting outfit ideas, all of which you can get at quite an affordable price. And the latest Vero Moda April 2011 lookbook is no exception to this matter, which manages to present the hottest trends of the season, inspired by precious designer collections. Take a look at the feminine, elegant and voguish elements, found in the Vero...

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H&M Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Real voguish women prepare for the warm days of summer in advance to embrace this bright season in great style. The latest fashion tendencies for spring/summer 2011 have long been set and with the versatility of the collections, you are lucky enough to find the style matching your preferences for sure. If you haven’t done this yet, you probably haven’t seen the new collection of H&M, designed for spring/summer 2011. It comes in fashionable and adorable items, embodying romantic and feminine fashion. Revitalize your summer wardrobe with these great casual and effortless combinations and you’ll succeed in creating a...

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