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H&M The Pants Collection 2012

Take time to embrace the H&M pants collection for 2012, as soon they’ll be in stores and online for purchasing. The Swedish brand presents us trousers of a large diversity and variety with flower and fruit prints, drenched in eye-popping shades and trendy metallic, all both very comfortable and stylish. Placing more focus on bright colors, it’s the collection suitable for a beautiful summer day. Marin blue is the color that designers at H&M propose for the summer 2012, but there are also light blue and beige jeans, punchy hues and daring prints as well as neutrals. The pants range...

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H&M Divided Art Spring 2012 Collection

Fashion retailers often join forces with contemporary artists to create fashion items, which are actually real art pieces. Such fashion retailer is also the Swedish label H&M, which has released a special collection that pays tribute to graphic designers. The new H&M Divided Art spring 2012 collection brings a fun parade of printed tank tops, t-shirts and leggings, which illustrate the brilliant works of Fanny Gentle, Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Saskia Pomeroy and Johnny Ryan. H&M is one successful brand, which has managed to win the hearts of the young with its constant fresh collections and interesting fashion interpretations. For...

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H&M Conscious Party Collection Winter 2011/2012

H&M has launched its latest campaign. This season is going to be something special; they are raising money for charity. Part of the money from sales of garments within this collection will go to UNICEF. So, the money you spend will not only give you more clothes to fit in your closet, but also it will be put to a great and honest use. Oh, and the campaign is celebrating Christmas as well, remember that and don’t get too hung on charity. So, Christmas season campaign; it celebrates the value of togetherness with famous figures and their loved ones...

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H&M Conscious Fall 2011 Collection

H&M doesn’t stop bringing pleasant surprises and this time it has created a wonderful collection with en eco-friendly fashion concept at an affordable price. Raising environmental awareness, the latest H&M Conscious Collection for the fall season doesn’t fail to impress with gorgeous ladylike designs and a certain vintage allure. No wonder, the H&M Conscious Fall 2011 collection exceeds the client’s expectations by opting for greener fabrics, like organic cotton, recycled wool and organic hemp fibers to give life to utterly feminine designs every single voguish fashionista would love to wear. Go and accentuate your gorgeous style with H&M, staying...

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H&M Fall Silhouettes Lookbook

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Indeed Coco Chanel was right in this simple, yet effective statement, proving that a super polished look isn’t necessary to exude complicated details and excessive designs. What screams super voguish appearance is a pure, simple and minimalistic approach to things, which is sure to create extremely alluring and impressive ensembles, without giving the impression of having spent hours in front of the window. This seems to be the main objective of the latest H&M Fall Silhouettes Lookbook, which is full of beautiful and ladylike minimalistic designs that contain a high dose...

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