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How to Become a Successful Fashion Blogger

So you want to become a fashion blogger? If so, you came to the right place! Becoming a fashion blogger is easy, but becoming a successful one takes quite a bit of work. Before you decide to put in the effort, you need to ask yourself three questions:   – Can you write? More specifically, do you know the difference between “your” and “you’re”? Even if you’re the most fashionable person in the world, no one is going to read your blog if it’s poorly written. – Do you have enough free time to update your blog regularly? One or two posts...

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H&M Fall 2011 Catalog with Sasha Pivovarova

If you are one of the biggest fans of beautiful Sasha Pivovarova and are in love with H&M style, than at least these two factors will serve as a good reason for you to like the latest H&M Fall 2011 Catalog, featuring this beauty model. For this fall collection, our favorite Swedish fashion retailer goes a little bit retro and vintage, bringing affordable and stylish ensembles that will keep you in fashion for the upcoming months. From denim overalls and big retro sunglasses to floppy hats, head scarfs or masculine white shirts, the collection has it all for every...

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Blanco Rock Your Jeans Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign

Jeans are an integral part of every fashionable and modern girl’s or boy’s wardrobe. Even though the first jeans appeared in Africa and were considered exclusively as workwear, the skillful hands of designers have managed to do wonders with that item of clothing, and now a pair of beautiful and stylish jeans looks so elegant and in some cases, can be even considered as an evening wear. With each new collection designed by our favorite fashion houses newer designs of jeans appear, corresponding to the latest fashion tendencies. The practicality of jeans is that this material can perfectly go...

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Fashion Trends Men Hate

Women always think that updating your look according to the latest fashion tendencies is all to get an attractive look and fascinate men with your style. Actually, you should always remember that fashion has different meanings for men and women. Indeed, men also like it when women are fashionable, dapper and well-dressed, however they have got their own point of view about being “well-dressed”. So if you want to be appealing to men, rather than to be a real fashion icon, take a look at the following fashion trends men hate and try to avoid these style blunders in...

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Mango Color & Stripes Summer 2011 Lookbook

The latest Mango collections are flooded with highly inspiring, fashionable and catching clothing pieces, designed for every sassy girl, who desires to always be in the fashion radar and admire the surrounding people with her great style sense. And now the beloved Spanish label comes with a new line of voguish outfits, featuring well-known beautiful model Eniko Mihalik. The new lookbook is called “Color & Stripes”, which not only describes the new refreshing and optimistic designs, where bright saturated colors and the nautical inspired trend were used, but also meets the latest fashion tendencies for spring/summer 2011. The conversation...

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