We all know by now that Lady Gaga isn’t afraid to wear crazy clothing, or any other objects that she considers to be clothing, but she has stepped her style up even more in the past week. She celebrated the launch of her perfume, New York Fashion Week, and now London Fashion Week by coming up with weirder outfits than ever before. Check out the top 5 looks Lady Gaga has rocked in honor of fashion month…so far. I’m sure there are plenty more crazy looks to come too!

It all started on the last day of NYFW when Gaga held a launch party for new perfume “Fame.” She first arrived at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on the back of an old car. The party kicked off with a promotional video created by Gaga and photographer Steven Klein, after which attendees waited for the singer’s grand entrance. It turns out she was already in the room, laying inside a giant replica of her perfume’s bottle wearing a Prabal Gurung dress. She then stripped down to nothing but lingerie and got tattooed in front of everyone.


Next, Lady Gaga showed up on Sunday at the Philip Treacy show at London Fashion Week wearing a giant wreath around her head. Only her face was sticking out of the colorful bouquet.


After her arrival, Gaga also opened Treacy’s show. She walked onstage before all the models to introduce “the greatest milliner in the world.” She wore a skin-colored bodysuit covered in floral patterns, extremely high white platform boots, and a sheer bright pink veil.


The weirdness doesn’t stop there! When leaving the Philip Treacy, Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a burka made of many different silk scarves and covered in what appeared to be raccoon pelts. On top of that, she carried a multicolor clutch emblazoned with the C-word in rhinestones. How many different groups of people did Gaga piss off with that ensemble?


Later on, Lady Gaga paid tribute to Michael Jackson by wearing the white coat he made famous in the “Smooth Criminal” video, along with his signature leather glove. She tweeted about how “surreal” it was to wearJackson’s clothes that night, but she added her own touches too. She paired the outfit with a giant pair of Mickey Mouse ears.