Gorgeous and fantastic Angelina Jolie has been selected as the new face of the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. She has already signed the contract to feature in the advertising campaign of Louis Vuitton, for which she’ll get $10 million. This is far the highest-paying commercial of the 35-year-old actress to date.
According to the reports, Annie Leibowitz is the photographer selected to shoot the print-only campaign within the upcoming two weeks. As for the photos, they will be launched in November, 2011.

Despite Jolie’s and Pitt’s great occupation because of their six children, the actress has been spotted a lot this year. Among her most-appreciated goals were the movies of “Salt” and “The Tourist”, and the actress is now working on a new project, “Cleopatra”.
Additionally, Jolie unveiled a new jewelry line under the name of “The Style of Jolie”, all the proceedings of which will be donated to the charity of Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.
Previously Jolie has been the spokesmodel of St John, an American luxury brand. No wonder, her collaboration with Louis Vuitton is a step up in the fashion world for the beautiful actress. This is definitely the best choice of the brand, as Angelina Jolie will certainly shine with her extraordinary beauty and great talent in the advertising campaign, fully satisfying the brand’s expectations.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images