Best Television for Fashion News

Today, there seems to be an ever-growing number of blogs online, providing young fashionistas with the opportunity to show off their own personal style. Combine those with the oceans of street-style websites, and fashion lines delivering hot new trends to the runway and you might feel as though you’re drowning in choice. Yet, despite all of that, you may still feel that you’re left with nothing to wear.

Finding your favorite fashion trends means having access to style from various different medias, so that you can cherry pick your favorite garments and select the colors that you think will work best for you. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about browsing through hundreds of the same style blogs everyday just to get a few fashion hints – simply catching up on your favorite television shows could be enough to uncover some wardrobe gems.

With Direct TV local availability becoming more accessible than ever before, you’ll be sure to have more access to channels and shows than ever. From Gossip girl and American Horror Story to fashion hunter and hoarder shows, there’s something out there on the box for everyone.

  1. American Horror Story

Starting with an October classic, American horror story can be a fantastic place to start searching for your style inspirations. It may seem strange that a show designed to scare you would offer such amazing fashion insights, but the truth is that if you spend some time watching, you’re bound to pick up on some incredible ensembles. What’s more, if you’re looking for solutions on how to wear black without looking drab, you need look no further!

  1. Scouted

E!’s solution to America’s next top model, this documentary-series follows professional model scouts as they search through even the most obscure places in the search for beautiful talent. It’s an amazing place to people watch for some salient fashion tips, while entertaining yourself with the idea of finding beautiful girls hidden away at fast-food restaurants.

  1. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is the show that officially made big hairbands the in-thing for girls over a number of years. On top of that, the star of the show – Serena Van Der Woodsen introduced new fashion in the form of leg-revealing, body-hugging boho ensembles, while Blair Waldorf provided an insight into the world of prep-school chic.

  1. Downton Abbey

On the surface, downtown abbey fashion may seem a little dated for your tastes, but you might be surprised at the number of exciting inspirations those stunning outfits from the past give you. The abbey sports everything from feathers and sequins, to beautiful ladylike gloves and old-fashioned hair. Even though you might not feel like copying the look exactly, try experimenting with some old gems to achieve a vintage wardrobe masterpiece.

  1. The Mindy Project

It probably doesn’t hurt that the star of this show happens to be completely devoted to fashion, but this is a sure place to find some style magic. Even though the Mindy Project is based around the lives of doctors, we rarely get to see the boring blue scrubs you associate with such shows. Instead, the life-saving individuals in Schulman & Associates are always incredibly well-dressed – as though they’ve steeped straight out of a fashion magazine and into the operating room. It also helps to know that Mindy is a great advocate for style that fits people above a size two – proving that you can wear stunning clothes no matter what your size might be.

  1. Pretty Little Liars

The secrets, twists, and dark little tales involved in this television show are only part of the reason to start watching it. Indeed, the jewel-toned dresses, endless accessories, and incredible fashion statements that are strewn throughout each episode are just as dramatic as the series itself.

  1. Fashion Star

Finally, we come to another show that’s dedicated strictly to people with a strong sense of style. Hosted by Elle Macpherson, the Fashion Star concept is based around a competition which aims to find the next big thing when it comes to accessible, mainstream fashion. Part of the excitement surrounding this show comes from the friction that has been noticed between some of the celebrity mentors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find some smashing fashion inspirations while giggling at the pitchy exchanges.