According to reports, Cate Blanchett took home $10 Million for the new Giorgio Armani fragrance campaign she stars in. The campaign is for a scent named ‘Si’ and Cate looks fresh-faced and beautiful in the first image revealed – she has a timeless, fresh look that will appeal to women of every generation, so perhaps she was worth that big payout! Cate poses with dewy skin that thankfully doesn’t look overly Photoshopped or polished – a good balance has been achieved and she looks radiant.  Speaking on the perfume itself, Armani commented:

“Si is my tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit.”

Si is a floral scent with a mix of vanilla and cassis with notes of patchouli and freesia. The fragrance is already available in the UK and hits America next year.

And what does Mr. Armani think about enlisting the actress for the campaign images? He believes Cate “epitomizes the woman for whom I design.” Take a look at the campaign photo below!