In some respects, many of us look to celebrities for inspiration in a variety of ways. We might look at how they handle the pressures of parenthood, what they eat or even what they do with their loved ones at weekends. Perhaps the main reason why we might see what celebs do and imitate them is fashion.

When it comes to setting trends, celebs are usually the people who get the ball rolling, but not all of them make good choices, especially when it comes to undergoing cosmetic surgery. To try and halt the ageing process or correct what they see as a major flaw in their look, some stars choose to go under the knife with mixed consequences.

King of Pop: one op too many?


When doing an online search for cosmetic surgery and celebrities, the first name that usually comes up is the late singer and entertainer Michael Jackson. The King of Pop might be most famous for his long list of hits and dancefloor fillers, but he was also renowned for the way in which he regularly altered his appearance.

Before he passed away in June 2009, he was hardly recognisable from when he first shot to fame. Although plastic surgery wasn’t the cause of his premature death, it did endanger his health to some degree, and many of his operations were controversial to say the least.

Nowhere to Heidi


As one of a host of stars from MTV’s hugely-successful reality series The Hills, Heidi Montag has become a favourite with paparazzi in the US, but despite her antics on the show, she’s perhaps more famous for having an astonishing 10 operations back in 2010. The results weren’t great.

Heidi’s quest for perfection didn’t go too well, as her implants were uneven, and is still talking about them as being a big mistake today. She joined a long list of stars who may have gone too far in receiving plastic surgery.

Even today, cosmetic surgery can be dangerous. According to First4Lawyers, as many as 70,000 operations every year are at risk of going wrong. This shocking stat shows that you can never be too careful!