chloePhoto: itv

Teen actress Chloe Moretz has opened up on her style, revealing that she doesn’t buy expensive designer pieces just yet. The 17-year-old actress has commented that her mother won’t let her splash out on designer items with a hefty price tag so she loves any gifts that fashion houses send her way because it’s the only chance she gets to have a pricey item in her wardrobe. She explained how grateful she is to those who send her gifts:

“My mom doesn’t let me shop in expensive places just yet. Things I do have were gifts – people have been really sweet giving me stuff.”

Often seen attending big name fashion shows during Fashion Week and grabbing an important front row seat, Chloe admits the experience can be quite daunting because it’s often “crazy” and she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be in that position, alongside editors such as Anna Wintour. However, she cherishes the time she gets to spend on the red carpet because she’s promoting work she loves and knows how important it is:

“Fashion shows are interesting but they’re not my favourite because everyone’s crazy! I love the red carpet because it’s about celebrating my projects but, with fashion shows, I’m just there – I don’t deserve it.”

Speaking on what star she admires when it comes to fashion, Chloe gushes that she is always impressed with how daring Rihanna is with her choices:

“Rihanna is amazing! She’s definitely a risk taker. Especially after the CDFA Awards! I loved it. She had a sparkly do-rag on, it was sick!”