Photo: Rdujour

Actress Chloe Sevigny is set to appear on a special panel of judges at  International Festival of Fashion and Photograph which is held annually in Hyères , France. Chloe has plenty of experience when it comes to fashion – she is not only lauded for her personal sense of style, but she has also designed for Opening Ceremony and she is the former face of Italian label Miu Miu. Chloe seems like a perfect fit for the panel which will be presided over by Kenzo designer Humberto Leon alongside his design partner Carol Lim who is also taking part. Humberto commented on adding Chloe to the panel, stating that she makes a great addition because she is very fashion-forward:

”Chloë has a very strong point of view on fashion. When you look at the way she has dressed from when she was 16 until now, she represented all these different very big moments in fashion. She has gone through many interesting stages in her own fashion choices.”

39-year-old Chloe has also commented on taking part in the festival, stating that she is happy to be a part of it because she feels as thought she knows and appreciates the talent on display at the festival. She also thinks she now knows herself and feels she is “consistent” which is important:

 ”I feel I have been consistent in my mid-30s now onward. I am trying not to care as much, not being concerned about being judged. That is the stage I am at right now.”