Christina Hendricks has amassed quite a fan base with her role as Joan Harris on the hit show Mad Men, but there are many other reasons to be jealous of the flame-haired actress. Not only does she have a close relationship with several top fashion designers, but she also has a burgeoning career on the big screen, including a film directed by Ryan Gosling! Hendricks opened up about her life in the spotlight for the May issue of Flare.


After six seasons playing Joan, Hendricks feels like she knows her Mad Men character very well. She questioned the “bossy, gossipy, sassy girl” she was first introduced to when the show started, but Joan’s wide range of experiences has provided her with more depth, which makes her “even more fun to play.” Hendricks is also happy that Joan “has a major support system” among the show’s fans. She finds it funny when people see her in real life, like when she’s shopping at the grocery store, and call her “Joanie” rather than her real name.

In addition to helping her career, playing Joan has also helped the 37-year-old actress learn about herself. She has more confidence, especially when it comes to trusting her own decisions. Joan has affected Hendricks’ fashion sense too – she now owns a ton of pencil skirts!


Her character helped expand her wardrobe, but Hendricks knowledge of fashion also stems from her modeling background. She has loved fashion for years and was over the moon when she got to star in the campaign for Vivienne Westwood’s jewelry line. Westwood is among the actress’s favorites because she’s one of those “designers that I just love and I just know work really well with my figure.” She also loves working with photgraphers like Patrick Demarchelier and Walter Chin that she dreamed of working with when she was a model, but that she has only been shot by now that she’s an actress.

Hendricks may love to dress up with the help of Westwood and her other favorite designers L’Wren Scott, Zac Posen, and Carolina Herrera, but her humble side still shines through this newfound glamour. For instance, when it’s time to get all glammed up for awards shows, Hendricks occasionally thinks, “I just wanna stay home!” She loves that she still gets “to live a very normal life” without paparazzi camped outside her house. She feels free to walk down her street to grab lunch or take her trash out without feeling smothered by photographers like some other stars.


Need even more proof that Hendricks has remained grounded throughout her rise to fame? She was very flustered when she received a phone call from Ryan Gosling asking her to star in his upcoming film. She may rub elbows with Hollywood elite, but she’s just like the rest of us when it comes to Gosling – she’s not immune to the charms of the handsome actress! Hendricks immediately accepted his offer, but also asked why he chose her in the first place. She’s still nervous about letting Gosling down and keeps herself up at night worrying about what it’s like to “disappoint the people who have put their trust in you.”

Something tells us Christina Hendricks will do just fine in this film and with all her other upcoming projects. Her fans have fallen in love with her for a reason, and many other viewers are likely to do the same. Watch closely for what Christina’s next move will be, and for what she’ll be wearing along the way! We’re sure she won’t disappoint.


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