Dakota Fanning is only 19 years old but what she lacks in age she makes up for in experience. Fanning began acting at a very young age and hasn’t stopped since. Not only has the actress taken Hollywood by storm, but she’s quite the fashion darling too!


Fanning discusses her love of fashion in the upcoming March issue of Glamour. According to the magazine, she and her younger sister Elle are having a “fashion icon moment” right now, but Dakota doesn’t always want people to pay attention to what she’s wearing. The actress says it’s really fun to get dressed up in designer duds when she’s attending an event, but she doesn’t want to be targeted by the fashion police when she’s running errands and trying to avoid the paparazzi. If she stops at a drugstore to pick up a few things and she’s not wearing a bra, she wants everyone to just “deal with it.”

As for Elle’s style, Dakota is envious of her sister’s ability to “try pretty much anything” and only dress for herself. She often “risks being made fun of” but Dakota admires her for doing so.


Even though Dakota loves clothes, she has no plans to try her hand at designing them anytime soon. She won’t rule it out completely because she doesn’t want to go back on her word if she someday decides to create her own collection, but she’s going to leave it up to the established designers for now and stick to acting. According to Fanning,

“But when you know designers and see the work that they put into making their collection, and how much passion they have for that—I think that’s so amazing. And I don’t have the passion to design clothes. It’s nice to be able to grow up and know what you want to do…. I’m reminded of that every time I make a film.”

When Dakota says she knows designers, she’s not lying. Not only does she get to wear designer clothes on a daily basis, but she has also worked closely with some of them. For instance, she shot her first Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign when she was just 13 years old. When she was 17, she starred in the first campaign for Marc’s Oh, Lola! fragrance. Not everyone was so comfortable with this collaboration though. The ad was banned in the U.K. for being “sexually provocative.” In the image, Dakota sits holding an oversized bottle of the perfume between her legs.


Fanning was surprised by the Advertising Standards Authority’s choice to ban the campaign and thought they shouldn’t have read so much into a perfume bottle. She says she wondered, “Why are you making it about that, you creep?” She and Marc, who she loves and trusts, “just laughed about it.”

The incident obviously didn’t affect Dakota’s career or her reputation in the fashion industry, so why should she worry about it? The young star likely has much bigger and more exciting things happening in her life now and we’ll be sure to keep watching what she’s doing…and wearing!