Seeing pictures of David Beckham in ads for his underwear line at H&M is good enough, but now he’s starring in a video for the collection too. Who doesn’t want to see Beckham running around in his briefs?


In the video, Beckham’s robe gets caught in the door of the SUV that’s taking his kids to school. As the front door to his house closes behind him, he decides to take off running after the vehicle to get his robe back. He races through the neighborhood in his boxer briefs jumping over fences, dodging lawn mowers, and swimming through a pool. Beckham portrays a superhero dad to mimic the theme of his newest collection for H&M, which will include shades of red, navy, and green.


The commercial debuted online on Wednesday and already has over 1,000,000 views. It’s almost 2 minutes long, which is longer than most commercials, but we’re sure no one will mind staying tuned for a little extra time. Director Guy Richie says filming felt more “like directing a short film” than just an ad campaign.


The 37-year-old soccer stud hopes “everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it.” We’re pretty sure his hopes will be fulfilled! Beckham loved “getting to do all the stunts and ending up in unexpected situations,” but don’t expect to see him in anything longer than a commercial. He doesn’t plan on launching an acting career anytime soon. He also said it was “great working with Guy” because he’s one of David’s favorite directors and one of his friends.

The newest line of underwear hit H&M stores on Wednesday too – just in time for Valentine’s Day! You’d better get to your local store soon before all the Beckham-endorsed briefs are gone, but watch the commercial below before you go!