Photo: Out

Collaborating yet again with Swedish retailer H&M for a new line of swimwear just in time for the summer season, sports star David Beckham has revealed that his designs were inspired by old James Bond films and the team were eager to reference some of the looks seen in the hit movies:

”Sean Connery in ‘Dr. No’ was definitely on the reference board when we started. Old bond movies were a big reference. I have a great relationship with H&M and we’re always looking for something else we can be successful in. The bodywear range has been great since the launch in 2012, so when the swimwear idea came up, we were all over it. The board shorts are something I think will go down well – everyone likes a comfortable pair of shorts. Not everybody likes the tight ones.”

David says he understands why some men find it difficult to show off their bodies in small shorts but he thinks more men need to just embrace what they have and enjoy the experience:

”Sometimes you’ve got to just do it, and not worry about what anyone else thinks. That’s what I felt when I first wore a pair that were small and tight. I thought, ‘You know what? I’m on holiday, I’m tanned … so?”

The new collection features several pairs of board shorts but David reveals that he was never able to surf in the past during his career just in case he sustained an injury that would hurt his football career:

 ”I’ve never been allowed to surf. My kids do it, but I wasn’t allowed to do water sports at all while I was playing. I could do it now, but I wont, like, I’m slightly worried about sharks. I have tried it a couple of times though.”