Photo: Soio

 Actress Diane Kruger is close friends with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld who counts her as one of his muses. Speaking on their friendship, Diane reveals that she actually lives next door to Karl when in Paris and they often share dinner together. She says that they have bonded particularly over cat ownership, as Karl is famous for owning fluffy white kitten Choupette. She explained:

”I run into him a lot, especially as he prefers to work at night. I’ll come home late and he’s often in the street shooting, then he’ll invite me up for dinner or a glass of wine and a chat. It’s lovely to have him right next door. We do share a passion for cats … I also have a cat – not quite as well-groomed and pretty as his, I might add – so we exchange cat pictures, which I guess is a bit sad, but also really great.”

Commenting on her own pet cat, Diane says her own animal is just as pampered as Choupette:

”He’s here in LA. But he comes places with me, he travels. He doesn’t have a passport but he loves being in the car. He’s a total travelling cat.”

Diane also says that she does often find Los Angeles to be a strange city because everyone is always dieting, although she does believe in healthy eating:

”LA isn’t your typical American city, everybody here seems to be on some crazy health kick, living on juices. Although I don’t subscribe to any of that, I do love the way that everything grows here all year round. I’ve just started a vegetable garden at home; it’s been amazing to be able to go to my own garden, pick my own kale and make my own kale chips.”