ellefPhoto: orangeblossomofnatalia

16-year-old rising Hollywood starlet Elle Fanning may still be in her teens, but she’s already made a name for herself as a stylish young icon. Favouring feminine designs with a quirky or unusual twist, Elle stands out on the red carpet and always looks unique. Speaking on her own sense of fashion, Elle says she is often inspired by her mother who gives her some style advice about being individual:

”I think my fashion sense comes from my mum, mostly. She’s very stylish and always told us, ‘The way you dress is how you want to portray yourself, because it’s what people see the first time they meet you, so what do you want to look like, and what do you want to be?’ Fashion is also something fun to experiment with, which I’ve really taken to heart. I love trying on different things and making new discoveries. You can reinvent yourself every morning.”

On her off-duty dress-sense, Elle says that she often prefers to wear girly pieces such as dresses and skirts, and likes when she gets the chance to layer up her outfits because she thinks it looks more personalized:

”It’s tough. Summer’s coming up and I know it’s going to be so hot here in L.A., so you have to make sure you have very many little dresses and skirts, because you can’t sport jackets or layers. But I prefer to layer with a cute jacket because the more accents and layers you put into an outfit, the more of a sense of self it gives it. The accessories – necklaces, rings, and sandals – will also definitely come into play.”