Harper Beckham might only be one year old, but she’s already proving that she loves fashion as much as her mom Victoria Beckham. The toddler was spotted all over New York Fashion Week with Victoria, which is more than most adults can say! Is it wrong to be jealous of such a fabulous little kid?

The former Spice Girl presented her Spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection on Sunday, where Harper also showed off her newfound walking skills. Victoria tweeted a picture of her daughter toddling down the runway before the show with the caption, “Testing the runway!” She later told the Telegraph that she was impressed with Harper “storming” down the catwalk.

Harper was also spotted at Victoria’s presentation of her secondary line Victoria, Victoria Beckham on Tuesday. Victoria sat in the front row and held Harper on her lap. Harper wore a white Stella McCartney dress with eyelet detail, sandals, and a bow in her hair. She wasn’t paying attention to the models the whole time, but some of the looks definitely caught her eye – she occasionally watched as intently as everyone else in the audience.

Whether Harper winds up designing like her mom, or strutting down the catwalk as a model – which she’ll definitely have the looks for with parents like Victoria and David – there’s no doubt the little girl will grow up to be involved in the fashion industry somehow. She already has fashion blogs dedicated solely to what she wears each day, and Victoria has named a few handbags after her. Don’t get your hopes up for any Harper-inspired kids clothes though. Victoria believes there are plenty of designers out there already who are creating great clothing for children and she plans to stick to what’s she doing now. As long as she keeps bringing Harper along for the ride, we don’t mind that decision.