haydenPhoto: Zimbio

Actress Hayden Panettiere showed up to the 2014 Golden Globes  in a stunning monochrome Tom Ford haltherneck dress. Although celebrities normally always borrow the expensive designer pieces they wear on the red carpet, this wasn’t the case with Hayden’s super luxurious ensemble – she bought the dress at full retail, costing approximately $10,000.

The reason? Because Naomi Watts was already wearing Tom Ford and the designer refuses to lend more than one dress per event, thus Hayden wasn’t able to borrow the dress she dreamed of wearing, so instead she waved her credit card in the air to get around Ford’s one dress rule. Drastic measures? She must have really loved that dress. Despite not bending the rules for Hayden, Tom sent her a bunch of white roses with a message to tell her she looked stunning in the dress:

 “You looked beautiful last night. Thank you for your kind words. Much love, Tom.”

Fashion journalist Jim Shi confirmed the news with a tweet at the event stating that Ford wasn’t officially responsible for outfitting Hayden:

“#GoldenGlobes: Tom Ford confirms to me he ONLY dressed #NaomiWatts tonight. Hayden Panettiere BOUGHT her Tom Ford dress at RETAIL. Tsk tsk.”

Hayden also explained that she felt compelled to buy the Tom Ford dress:

“It’s the first time I’ve ever worn [Tom Ford], because I’ve been begging ever since, I feel sexy in it, I feel comfortable in it, and I’m in Tom Ford. I would wear a plastic bag if it was designed by him.”