In case you’ve never noticed (but how could you miss a costume like this?) supermodel Heidi Klum holds an over-the-top Halloween costume party every year. This year, however, she cancelled her annual bash due to Hurricane Sandy. She tweeted at the time, “Hope you & your loved ones are safe after the storm. Canceling my Halloween party…postponing to a haunted Christmas.” Klum said she couldn’t bear to host the party and “have fun when so many people’s lives have been destroyed.”

Well, she may not have felt right having fun at the time, but she certainly had fun last weekend as she finally held the postponed party. Klum, who dressed as a dead body last year, decided she wanted to switch it up and choose something “pretty and sparkly” this year. “Every year I try to go a little bit more wild or out the box,” said the model. As she had already been planning for weeks back in October, Heidi dressed as Cleopatra. Klum is known for her outrageous ensembles though, so she didn’t just throw on any old dress and call herself Cleopatra – she spent 3 hours bedazzling her face with Swarovski crystals to match her gold gown, feathered cape, and crystal-covered headdress! She revealed that “the guy that designed the face made little pieces and put them on, and in between he had to fill in the gaps, so it took a very long time.”

Even through all the excitement surrounding the party, Klum didn’t forget about all the destruction Sandy caused that postponed the event in the first place. All the money raised at the party was donated to relief efforts to help those affected by the storm. While in New York City for the fete, Heidi also spent some time visiting Long Island with the American Red Cross to give out donations and supplies.

The other attendees of Klum’s party didn’t disappoint either when it came to their costumes. Plenty of guests dressed up in typical creepy Halloween costumes, but there were plenty of Christmas-themed ensembles too as people took advantage of the postponed party date. To see what all the stars wore, click through the pictures below!