The Kardashian sisters are known for their great style, beauty and lavishing lifestyle, three details that have made them so popular and much loved. And now Kim, Kourtney and Khloe open up their closets in front of their fans, demonstrating their great taste in fashion and making us participants in their own luxury lives. So if you want to take a peek behind the scenes, take a look at the inside of their luxurious closets, as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars has opened the door to InStyle.

Kim Kardashian adores her clothes and when buying a new house, she was worried if there would be enough space for storage. Actually, it didn’t have, and Kim had to transform a guest bedroom into a master walk-in closet, where all her clothes, accessories and makeup will be perfectly lined up, ready to be picked out. From Balmain jackets and Alexander McQueen minis, you can spot various designer clothes and accessories in her closet, every girl would dream to have.
Accessories are Kim’s obsession and she has got plenty of them for every occasion and style. Kim confesses that she likes “big and chunky pieces” and she’s lucky enough to have numerous of them, so much that she’ll never have to borrow jewelry for red carpet events. Kim also gives some precious advice on how to keep your closets looking like a small luxurious boutique: “Always use the same style of hangers throughout” and “hide T-shirts in a cupboard or drawer. It’s so hard to keep them nicely folded.”
Kim makes sure all her favorite pieces are displayed perfectly and her dresses carefully arranged from short to long, so that she’ll be able to quickly pick up the pieces she needs at the moment.

Khloe Kardashian reveals her great addiction to shoes, as she’s proudly showing off her color coordinated rows of shoes. Louboutins seems to be her weakness, as she has almost 100 pairs of the chic red sole shoes. She says “Louboutins are like artwork to me—my Picassos”. Khloe also adds: “When I’m buying new shoes I ask myself, ‘Would I look good wearing them naked?’”
However, Khloe doesn’t overlook the importance of her designer clothes, and as she’s a big fan of dresses, she’s dedicated the best part of the room to them. Khloe says “I’m a connoisseur of long flowy dresses. I throw them on when I’m running around and don’t have time to think about what to wear.”
This is Khloe’s personally perfect closet, as she tells InStyle that “When I got married, this was the one room I didn’t try to make co-ed,. It’s very me, very Zsa Zsa (Gabor).”

Kourtney Kardashian claims she loves “things with a story”, and her most beloved pieces are a turquoise Chanel bag her dad bought for her mom Kris and a pair of 1980s door-knocker earrings inherited from her grandmother. Motherhood has also left its print on Kourteny’s style, as she admits that before being a mom, her minimum heel requirement was 5 inches, and now she prefers comfortable ballet flats, leaving high heels for special occasions only.

Photo courtesy of InStyle

Photographer Douglas Friedman