Celebrities often go to great lengths to fill a role for a movie. Just look at Matthew McConaughey right now! One star that vows to never compromise her eating habits, however, is Jennifer Lawrence.

Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Natalie Portman have all lost weight for movie roles.

In an interview with Elle for its December issue, the 22-year-old Hunger Games actress told the magazine that she has a healthy appetite and will never starve herself for a film role. Lawrence says she keeps waiting for a role to come along that would scare her enough into dieting, but it hasn’t happened yet and it won’t happen in the future because she’s “invincible.”

Aside from her love of food, Jennifer refuses to go on extreme diets in order to maintain her status as a good role model for her fans. She doesn’t want the young girls who watch her to feel pressured to look like the thin stars they see on the big screen. The actress never wants her young fans to think, “Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner.” During the filming of Hunger Games, it was important for her to stay conscious during training to make sure her body looked just right. She tried to look fit and strong instead of thin and underfed.

She’ll never starve herself to lose weight any other time either, even though she’s “considered a fat actress.” She insists she’s “obese” by Hollywood standards. Jennifer eats “like a caveman” and is therefore one of the only actresses who isn’t the target of anorexia rumors. This obviously doesn’t bother her though!

Good for Jennifer Lawrence for taking a stand against the Hollywood standard of being as thin as possible. While any normal person would think she’s crazy for calling herself obese, many women starting out in Hollywood are told they’ll have to drop several pounds before they make it big. With the number of girls in this country affected by eating disorders, it’s important for them to have an average-sized actress to look up to and to help them understand that it’s much more important to be healthy than to be stick thin.

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