jessicaPhoto: TheBerry

Mother of two Jessica Simpson isn’t done expanding her empire even though she may be busy with motherhood these days. Jessica is set to launch a new scent in August this year, following up on her line which includes previous fragrances Dreamy Dessert, Fancy and Juicy Dessert. She reveals that the new perfume will simply be named after her and she thinks the result is much more mature than her previous releases. She explained:

”We were just throwing out different ideas and different names, and I said, ‘Why don’t we do something with just my name?’ There has to be a way to just do that because we’re doing it in the rest of our business. When it’s just my name, my heart is definitely in it. There were things about this fragrance that took me to a different place. It was exciting. It’s more sophisticated. It’s a little mature.”

Jessica adds that in order to create the new perfume, she got quite nostalgic and selected scents she remembered vividly from her childhood. She said that it has scents that she hopes even her own children will remember in years to come:

”[The fragrance] is a mixture of everything that I grew up loving. I am one of those people that part of who I am is doing a lot of reminiscing … If [the children] reminisce about certain moments of their lives, I want them to one day be able to reminisce about me and be like, that’s what mum smelled like.”