Opening up on her beautiful strapless Oscar de la Renta wedding gown, Kate Bosworth has spoken on the design process and how emotional it made her feel. Kate worked with 81-year-old legendary designer Oscar to create her dream wedding dress and she says she often felt overwhelmed by what they were doing and creating together:

”He’s just seen it all, and the fact that I’ll be able to share my most important moment to date with him is profound. I couldn’t control my reaction to sitting with him and talking with him about my wedding dress. I was trying not to cry, so I probably had this bizarre twisted face on.”

Despite being so excited about her dress, she says she never thought about it before she became engaged to her now husband Michael Polish because she said she had to find the man before she even began to think about the smaller details:

“I had never thought about my wedding dress before I got engaged. I never thought about what I wanted for my wedding. There are some women who know exactly, from the moment they can speak. But for me I needed to find the man in order to understand the bigger picture.”

Kate says she has tried not to be too “weepy” or emotional about her wedding:

“In general, I haven’t been the weepy bride so far. I think at the wedding itself I’ll probably have a lot more [emotion].”