Bobbi Brown cosmetics have decided to enlist a celebrity face for their new season ad campaign – and it isn’t just any celebrity. After months of speculation and excitement, their choice has finally been revealed – it’s Katie Holmes. Katie hasn’t done many beauty campaigns in the past, so the choice seems unusual and of course, we’re all eager to see how it looks!

A first image has just been unveiled of her new campaign (above) and Katie looks stunning. Posing with smoky eye makeup and a flawless complexion, she is glamorous but not over styled for the simple photograph – they’ve even done just a slight bit of retouching which can be a potential danger zone when it comes to makeup campaigns.

The actress has commented on being the company’s new face, revealing that she’s a big fan because the makeup products don’t feel too heavy on her skin and the eyeshadow palettes are easy to use:

“I really like [Bobbi Brown’s] philosophy that makeup makes you feel beautiful, I’ve always been a fan of her makeup, because it’s so easy to apply. Her color palettes aren’t extreme, so when I first started wearing makeup it felt comfortable and I didn’t feel like I had too much on, which can happen.”

So, is Katie a good fit for Bobbi Brown?