Photo: AuFeminin

British actress Keira Knightley has spoken on her style as a teenager. She says she used to be a tomboy and didn’t ever wear dresses or skirts until she was 14. Keira also used to have fun experimenting with different makeup as a teenager and says she would try to dress up to impress and seduce boys:

”I used to be a tomboy… I didn’t even wear a dress or a skirt until I was 14. Then I started to experiment with make-up when as soon as I was allowed to, because it was fun to change your appearance when you’re a teen. Later on, you want to be seductive for people in general and for boys sometimes too.”

Keira loves how a good costume and makeup can transform her for a new role, and she says that people expect her to be able to take on new characters all of the time:

 ”Thanks to make-up, good lighting and couture gowns. I play a role and become the representation that people expect of me. But it’s part of my job. Transforming yourself is also part of an actor’s job. On the one hand, there’s the public image of me, and on the other, a private person.”

The actress candidly admits that she doesn’t obsess about her looks and thinks being attractive can actually have some negative aspects in Hollywood. She explained:

 ”I never even think about beauty. Supposedly being pretty is a double-edged sword: your look gets you certain roles, but disqualifies you from others. That’s the way the industry goes.”