Photo: Reveal

Kelly Osbourne doesn’t believe in following fashion trends and says she usually ignores whatever is seen as a trend movement. She laughs at how suddenly things can become hot when in the past they might have been seen as painfully uncool, and thinks it’s funny how people’s reactions shift towards pieces:

”Don’t worry about trends. I never have, ever. I think it’s crazy now that Birkenstocks are in fashion because I’ve always worn them and gotten made fun of for them.”

The ‘Fashion Police’ star adds that she likes “uncool” designs because she thinks she can put her own spin on it to turn it in to something that is beautiful and interesting:

“I like taking things that society considers to be ugly or uncool and finding a way to make them beautiful in everyone’s eyes. I like the androgyny of men’s wear but really girlifying it.”

She reveals that her style quick-fix is to throw on big sunglasses and a bold lipstick if she doesn’t have time to dress up:

”One of my easiest tricks for running out the door when you know you’re getting papped: big, huge sunglasses and a bright lip.”

Kelly is about to launch her own fashion collection soon and says she especially likes to make bags more practical because she thinks women want comfortable designs to stash their essentials in:

”I’m working on some really fun stuff for bags, which I like, because I’m not the kind of girl that wants to carry a million things. I carry a backpack most of the time, and I think most women are leaning more toward that sort of style now because we do have to carry more stuff and nobody wants a sore shoulder. So it’s important: things like having a compartment within the bag that a ballet flat will be in so when your feet hurt you can change your shoes.”