khloePhoto: PrettyDesigns

Khloe Kardashian has spoken on designing. The reality star says that designing for kids is a very fun-filled process because they’re focused on making the cutest designs they can think of. However, she says it’s a very different process when it comes to creating for adults. She thinks women can be “picky” and they always try to make sexy creations which is the complete opposite of their kids line. She explained:

“I think designing for kids is SO fun. You get to do cute little tutus and everything’s sparkly and sweet. It’s just really sweet to design for kids. Adults are more picky. It’s two totally different worlds. With adults, we like to be sexy and have those really tight dresses and with kids it’s the complete opposite – really froo-froo-y and cute. They let us be creative in two totally different ways.”

Opening up on her sisters, Khloe says they each have their own sense of style and she especially admires half-sister Kylie’s dress-sense. She often asks Kylie to help her style outfits and go through her closet to get creative with what she owns. Khloe says she also admires the Olsen’s take on fashion:

“I take bits and pieces from each of my sisters. There’ll all so stylish and Kylie now has this amazing sense of style. I always ask her to come in my closet and make some outfits for me. Other than that I love the Olsen twins’ style. It’s really chic and very fashion forward. Some of their stuff can get a little crazy but overall they have just really great style.”