Kirsten Dunst is Lucky’s cover girl for the January 2012 issue of the magazine, photographed by James White. In the interview with the magazine the 29-year-old beautiful actress talks about her childhood, her parents, starting her own family, but also about her style, favorite body part, red-carpet looks, discovering spray tans, ‘Melancholia’, watching ‘The Bachelorette and more. Let’s take a sneak peek and see.

Last spring, Kirsten won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in Lars von Trier’s apocalypse movie ‘Melancholia’. “You don’t want to know how much I got paid for Melancholia! Okay, if someone were reading that I’m sure they’d be like, ‘Oh please!’ But hey, man, I’ve been doing independent films,” she says.
Known for her ‘vintage slash girly downtown look’, Dunst commented about her style, saying: “It’s harder to dress if you have boobs. I usually cover them. This is not usually my style. When you have a beanpole body everything looks cute. Like Alexa Chung. I like her style, but she’s really tall and skinny so everything looks good on her.”
On her favorite red-carpet appearances, Kirsten says that, “I hate red-carpet photographs!” Then she adds that, “It’s such flat lighting! They take away my cheekbones — I just become a moonface. I hate those photos so much. I always look terrible. And they don’t know angles on faces. There is no artistry to it. It’s like —” [Dunst does an impression of what can only be called a lobotomy patient taking a picture.] “I hate them!”
Kirsten reveals that she recently discovered spray tans. “You lose like five pounds immediately, and your face is glowing and gorgeous! I look amaziiiiiiing! I did it for my last movie. Then Isla saw me and was like, ‘I’m gonna get spray-tanned too!’ I only did it twice so I’m tan in like two scenes and super-pale in the rest of the film,” the actress told in the interview with Lucky.
Speaking about her favorite body part, Kirsten says that, “I like my legs. I like wearing short dresses and high heels. And I think I have good hair. The last time I cut it short, my boyfriend at the time was like, ‘You look so much better with short hair.’ So I cut it off. I know, I know, so stupid! My girlfriend thinks he just didn’t want any guys to look at me.” She then continues: “Mwuh-hah-hah! How can I make her ugly? Cut off her hair!'” The actress admits that, “I actually can’t wait to have long hair. It’s getting a little longer and my face already looks better.”

On the idea of settling down the actress confesses that, “I thought when I reached 30 I’d have a lot more figured out. Until you have a kid, you’re just looking for your partner. And guys have a Peter Pan vibe. They’re 35 and they act like they’re 25. That’s what scares me about being in my 30s: not finding someone to have kids with.”
As for starting her own family, Kirsten says that, “I can’t wait to relive life in a little kid’s way. I’m so ready for that lifestyle: Get a little place upstate and have them go to school up there.”
The beautiful ‘Melancholia’ actress confesses that she had an amazing childhood. “I had such a great childhood. My parents and I are really close. It’s funny: Every role they see their daughter in, they feel like is really happening. I remember when my dad saw All Good Things, he was like” — [taking on her father’s most worried, wrinkled-brow expression] — “?’And then you died!’ I’m like, ‘Dad, I’m right here! I’m alive! I’m fine,’?” Kirsten told the magazine.
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Photos courtesy of Lucky