Male celebrities are establishing trends as never before. From TV, to sports, to movies and music, men’s celeb styles have never been hotter. The following are just a few of the stars that we love, highlighting casual and formal looks that have taken fashion to a completely new level.

David Gandy

David Gandy tops thelist with his invincible flare for fashion.  Off screen and on, Gandy matches impeccable Italian finesse with European tailoring. While he manages to look great in everything he wears, David Gandy takes all his attire seriously. He looks amazing in everything, whether it’s a grey flannel waistcoat or trousers and overcoat. You can very easily imitate his summer casuals look by shopping for similar outfits at Tarocash.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ appearance is as diverse as his repertoire. Born Peter Gene Hernandez, Mars is a popular singer and songwriter from Hawaii. He is also a voice actor, record producer, and choreographer. His fashion sense is as versatile as his talents. Today, as co-founding of ‘The Smeezingtons,’ Bruno Marsis at home in LA’s southern California style… black leather biker looks and Trilby Hats.

Tinie Tempah

Another musical celeb, Tinie Tempah, gives the planet an eyeful with his impressive sense for fashion, as ‘Best-Dressed Man of 2012’ (GQ) Tempah seems to have it all. With his innate sense for combining the latest trends with classic tailoring, Tinie sports trademark round-specs, leopard prints, velvet suits, and double-breasted overcoats with ultimate panache.

Justin Timberlake

Male Celebrities

Justin Timberlake continues to pull things up a notch with his perfect hair, grooming abilities and clothing-styles. Relaxed outfits and formal-dress are custom suited to Timberlake’s natural approach to good taste. Tie-less suit coats, Harris-tweed caps, all-weather jackets, knitwear and leather… Justin Timberlake has his eye on fashion while the entire world has eyes on him!

Alex Turner

Alex Turner turns back the clock yet manages to give an entirely new definition to country-charm. His bad-boy image is reminiscent of classic artists such as Elvis, James Dean and rock-n-roll’s Ritchie Valens, Alex gives his own updated twist to fashion. With a recently revised look, Alex came out with his new studio album in 2013. An ultra-chic trendsetter and music celeb who is as exciting to look at as he is to listen to.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams, his music, and the ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ (having passed its first decade mark) just keep getting hotter. While Pharrell’s styles may not be right for everyone, he understands stylishness that steps out of the box. His flamboyance and confidence, along with turn-backed trouser legs, bow ties and exciting prints… work. Pharrell Williams understands fashion that pushes the limits.

David Beckham

Male Celebrities

Finally, David Beckman is a favourite amongstcelebs with styles that we love. Although he is off the playing field, he continues to make news with his terrific fashion sense. Considered to be amongst the ‘best-dressed’ list in the UK, Beckham wears formal suits, woolens, caps, jackets and jeans with winning polish. A master at layering and accessorizing, David Beckham is all about casual panache.