Photo: Swide

Starring alongside Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, Margot Robbie has hit the big time with the major role and has been frequently popping up on the red carpet as awards season kicks off – we’ll have to see what she wears for The Oscars! Margot has spoken on her wardrobe for the film, which was set during the 80s and 90s. She admits that while it wasn’t her personal taste, it helped her to get in to character to be wearing clothes from that era:

“It’s not my style or anything I ever intend on wearing but for the sake of the character and creating her they really helped. We had a brilliant costume designer who was very specific about using the original brands. She looked at the pictures of Nadine (the real-life Naomi) back in the day and sourced those brands from the specific year the scenes were filmed in. That’s how accurate it was. It was really awesome trying them all on and we used to do hours of fittings. It was so cool seeing vintage Chanel, Versace, Armani…”

Commenting on her favourite look from the whole film, Margot describes an amazing Versace look that she wears in one scene that she fell in love with:

“You don’t see it for very long but when I walk in on the gay orgy scene I am wearing what you would call a Versace Wonder Woman outfit. It was head to toe Versace and I looked like Michael Jackson. I’ve got these Versace knee high boots on with gold buckles, tight black high-waisted trousers and a marching band style black jacket. It was so blinged out with the gold but it was just brilliant.”

Speaking on her personal style, Margot describes it as “eclectic” but she often favours simple casual designs when she isn’t working and wants to keep her look low key. As an Australian, she also likes to support designers from her home country as often as she can:

“It’s eclectic but most of the time I end up wearing shorts and a T-shirt and a pair of Converse. If I’m making an effort it’s on the less feminine side, more grungy and edgy. I love Oscar de la Renta, Ellie Saab and for every day wear I opt for Australian designers mainly.”