Photo: Mirror

Former ‘Coronation Street’ star Michelle Keegan has just launched her second collection in collaboration with British company Lipsy, who also often work with The Kardashians and other stars on individual designs inspired by their personal style. Releasing the collection for the upcoming Autumn season, Michelle says her new 30-piece selection is “more wintry” and as well as the usual array of figure-hugging dresses, there is a range of other pieces including coats and jackets which make it perfectly fitting for the colder months ahead. She commented that she also had Christmas parties in mind when designing:

‘This collection is a bit more wintry. There’s lots of lovely coats, fur jackets and sexy LBDs, which will be perfect for your Christmas parties.”

Michelle has been so thrilled with how people have reacted to her collections so far and even admits it can be strange to bump in to someone who is wearing one of her pieces because she has to do a double-take when she sees it. She jokes that she even said hello to someone wearing one of her dresses because she thought she recognized her, when really it was just the dress that caught her eye. Michelle laughed over the situation:

”The response has been incredible and I am so happy that everyone loves it as much as I do. It’s the weirdest feeling in the world seeing other people wearing my designs. A girl walked passed me wearing one of my dresses and I said ”Hi” to her because I thought I knew her!”