Olivia Wilde is, no wonder, one of the hottest and most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. The 27-year-old actress graces the cover of Allure October 2011. Inside the magazine, she’s talking about her divorce from her Italian prince husband Tao Ruspoli and weight gain, being single, but also on rumors that linked her with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Pine, doing anything to fit the mold, and her role in “In Time”.
Talking about the rumors that linked her with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine, and even author Salman Rushdie, Olivia told Allure that, “Isn’t that hilarious? I mean, in order to be dating all the people they think I am, I’d need four vaginas! It’s impossible!”
Now she is single and says that, “I find that commitment is very relaxing, and the process of searching for a partner in life inevitably keeps you at this level of insecurity. You’re like this heat-seeking missile, just trying to figure out where to plug in.”

The lovely actress confesses that her divorce was “the most difficult thing I’ve ever dealt with.” Anyways, she doesn’t regret about anything, as this experience helped her grow up. “I got married at a very young age, so I sort of jumped into a stage of adulthood prematurely. I learned quite a lot,” Olivia admits. She says half-laughing that, “I gained a lot of weight after my divorce, and there was this sense of, wait, hold on, you don’t look like you did before. Are you going to be up for the same roles? Do you need to be put in some sort of weird labor camp to lose all your weight?”
In the thriller “In Time”, Olivia plays the mother of Justin Timberlake’s character, about which she says: “We were rehearsing, and I remember the director saying, ‘No, stop! It looks like you’re going to make out.’ ‘Nope — that looks like you’re going to make out, too.’ We were like, ‘Oh, God’. I had to find a way to think of him as my son.” Therefore, she had to defuse the sexual tension and picture Justin as a child. “He’s got these incredible blue eyes, so I imagined him as a little baby Justin. And he was able to transfer a lot of his feelings about his mom onto me. We’re both total acting nerds.”

On some of the precious advice about her career given by a casting agent, Olivia recalls that, “She was like, ‘A, people don’t wear turtlenecks here. B, why are you not showing any skin?’ And I said, ‘I’m not going to sell my body to get a role; it’s about the acting.'” Now, the actress laughs at her own innocence. “She was this very powerful, wise 60-year-old woman, but at the same time aware of how this business works. And she’s like, ‘Sex sells. Go put on a tank top,'” Wilde told Allure.
However, the actress confesses she has gone through some transformation to fit the mold: “I went through this kind of A Star is Born transformation, where they made my hair very blonde, and I got very skinny, and I was like, ‘And now, I fit the mold! If I could tell young actresses anything, it would be to just be yourself through and through. I mean, really be hard-core about sticking to your identity, because what makes you unusual is what’s going to assure your success,” she states.
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Photo courtesy of Allure