Spring Breakers still doesn’t hit theaters for a few more days, but the stars of the film have been promoting it like crazy for quite some time now. Now, it’s about to receive even more attention as Opening Ceremony launches a clothing line inspired by the movie.

oc spring break3

The retailer has partnered with Spring Breakers for a line of “fun-in-the-sun essentials,” including sweatpants, sweatshirts, jerseys, crop tops, bikinis, beach towels, and backpacks. Created with the help of the film’s costume designer, Heidi Bivens, and artist Todd James, the pieces in the collection will be covered with pot leaves, ice cream cones, and even the Jersey Shore-approved acronym “DTF” to represent the havoc wrought by the characters in the movie. The line will also feature unicorn and dolphin prints, inverted cross and lighter motifs, and plenty of mesh. Judging by the promotional posters and clips of the film that have been released so far, the designs will probably be skimpy and produced in a myriad of fluorescent colors.

oc spring break1

Opening Ceremony may seem like an unlikely candidate for creating a fashion line inspired by what seems to be a flighty flick full of former Disney stars, but Spring Breakers is much edgier than most people are expecting. It’s full of violence, sex, and drugs – so much so that it earned an R rating. Director Harmony Korine has also been criticized for having young stars take part in such sexual scenes. Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Rachel Korine embody the “girl’s gone wild” feeling in the film, guided further in the wrong direction by James Franco’s character.

oc spring break2

Despite all the hype surrounding the film, there’s no guarantee it – or the fashion line inspired by it – will be a hit among audiences. We’ll just have to wait and see what the viewers and the shoppers think! The collection will be available in Opening Ceremony stores in New York and Los Angeles as well as on the retailer’s website starting on March 22, the same day the movie is released.

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