Photo: Standard

British singer Paloma Faith wants to launch her own fashion collection. Paloma is renowned for her unique and original sense of style, but she reveals that no companies have made her a proposal to work together on a clothing line. She says that when she is asked to design her first collection, she already has a good idea of what she’d like to do and wants to blend her bold fashion sense with something more wearable:

“I really would like to bring out my own fashion line, but no one’s approached me. I don’t like to approach people for those things as it makes me feel desperate. I’m just waiting. I’ve got all the ideas ready — I’m just waiting for someone to come and ask me. It’s a bit of a mix of what I do and something that I would definitely wear myself.”

Speaking on the idea of performing in a musical in the near future, Paloma says she isn’t a huge fan of the idea and would prefer to put on a show that was closer to being like a work of art, because she often tries to create performances that are visually pleasing:

“I hate musicals. I would rather err on the side of theatrical in a more arty way than musical theatre.I’d like to collaborate with some artists. I’ve been speaking about that for the future — the possibility of doing some bits of my music with some visual artist work. I feel like I’d like to perform at somewhere like the Tate Modern and do some sort of interactive performance, that kind of thing, rather than musicals.”