pharPhoto: Stylebistro

‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams has revealed that he won’t wear jewellery unless it has the power to heal him. He says that he loves jewellery that has “medicinal and holistic properties” and often selects pieces because of what they’re composed of, simply because he loves what they represent. He explained:

”For ages, I got it wrong. I was competing with others because I wanted to draw attention to myself. But in the same way as I realised I wanted to put peaceful things inmy music, I decided I should only be wearing jewellery with medicinal and holistic properties. For example, I wear yellow diamonds or emeralds because those stones have healing qualities, as well as soft water pearls. I don’t love jewels for what they represent. I love them for what they express, because they’re who I am inside.”

Pharrell has always been linked with fashion throughout his career as a musician and believes clothing is just another way of expressing who you are. He said that it can even give people an idea of what kind of person you are, just by how you dress:

“Clothes are a part of who you are as a person. If you’re shy, you’re going to wear dark colours, clothing that doesn’t emphasise your body. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself. If you’re more outgoing, your outfits will be more colourful and form-fitting.

The singer comments that he loves colour and dresses to compliment his own emotions:

”I’m obviously someone who likes colour! … Every day, I get dressed depending on how I feel inside and how much time I have to get ready.”