Beautiful and talented Pixie Lott became famous for her extraordinary and unique style interpretation and soon turned into a real trendsetter and a teen sensation. The 20-year-old blonde diva now appears on the cover of ‘Company’ magazine, July 2011 issue. In the interview she talks about her love for fashion, her style icons, her favorite pieces in the wardrobe and fashion faux pas. Besides, Pixie gives a few useful fashion tips to the magazine’s readers.

“Make things your own, be unique and be happy. Fashion is for the person who’s wearing it and everyone has their own style so wear what you want, for you,” Pixie says.
Last year the young singer teamed up with high street brand Lipsy to create the Pixie Loves Lipsy range. Now she already celebrates her third Lipsy collection. Talking about her strong passion for fashion, Pixie said: “Yeah! I’ve always loved fashion and I’ve wanted to create my own designs for ages. This is my third collection for Lipsy now and, fingers crossed, it does as well as the others have. I remember seeing Denise Van Outen wear one of my dresses on TV and I was like, ‘Wow!'”.
On fashion faux pas, Pixie says that, “When I was little, mum used to dress us all the same. There are loads of pictures of me and my brother, who’s about a year older than me, wearing girl and boy versions of the same outfit. In one picture, I’m wearing a black dress covered in badges, and my brother’s wearing a matching shirt, both in little red shoes. Slightly embarrassing!”
Speaking about her favorite things in the wardrobe, Pixie confesses that she likes to borrow her mom’s old bodies. “I love my mum’s old bodies [all-in-ones] she used to wear when she was my age. One’s from Vivienne Westwood with the planet print all over it, another’s sequined. I’ve got a couple with see-through sides too and I wear them all the time now that mum trusts me to borrow her things”, she says.

About her style icons, Pixie reveals that, “My style icons will always be Edie Sedgwick and Brigitte Bardot but if I could raid anyone’s wardrobe it’d probably be Alexa Chung’s. I love the way she dresses, she always looks cool.”
Lately, Pixie lived in LA, where she recorded her second album, set to be released later this year. On shopping like LA-style, Pixie states: “American brands are much cheaper, like Levi’s and Urban Outfitters, so I did lots of shopping! I bought a lot of shirts and shorts from Ralph Lauren, loads of high-waisted, bright shorts from American Apparel and vintages blouses from a shop called Pop Killer.”
As for British versus American style, she gives preference to the first one. “British fashion is definitely the best because it can be so individual and quirky – it’s more forward. Americans are more glamorous, especially in LA, but you see so many cool cats walking around London.”
Pixie’s fashion collection is subdivided into two lines – an elegant one called “Pixie Party” and a festival-appropriate one named “California Dreaming”. In the interview, she also gives a few festival style tips. “Have fun with fashion because you can do whatever you want in a field. Anything goes! You can try crazy new hairstyles and experiment with plaits, flowers and feathers. I love fancy dresses too. One of my favourites was at my end-of-tour party where I dressed as a tiger and covered myself in tiger-print body paint. Whenever I hugged anyone they’d be left smeared in orange and black,” she told the magazine.

Photo courtesy of Company