ritaPhoto: Adidas

Rita Ora is about to release her first collaboration collection with Adidas and the singer has spoken on what it was like to work with the famous sportswear brand and put her own spin on their usual aesthetic. She comments that she has always loved Adidas and used to buy their trainers as a teenager whenever she could:

“I’m a massive fan of the brand. I grew up working at a sneaker store when I was 16 and am a huge sneakerhead. It’s so cool that I’m able to do this with a brand that I sold when I was younger.”

Rita adds that she has always been close to the brand, especially because a friend used to work at the company and she would visit her at their offices, not realizing she would later end up working with them herself:

 “I’ve been around Adidas for so long growing up and actually have one of my best friends working there. I used to hang out in the Adidas offices in L.A. for lunch when I’d visit her and in the past two years got to know everyone there.”

The singer says that she received some great advice from American designer Jeremy Scott who has collaborated with Adidas on numerous occasions and now works for Moschino. She says that Scott told her to be fearless with her ideas and allow herself to express her own vision, even if it’s daring or controversial:

 “I always come from the approach that they are designers and I am an artist. The biggest advice was that [Adidas] said is to be yourself and be confident in what you’re doing and confident what you wear. When Jeremy [Scott] did Moschino and I was like, ‘Wow, aren’t you worried that McDonald’s will sue you?’ he was like, ‘You can’t worry about that stuff — the shocking things sometimes are the best things and what people want to wear.’ You have to be brave and do what you like. I think my fashion will represent that.”