rosebPhoto: Zenfs

Australian actress Rose Byrne has opened up on her evolving style. She reveals that as a young girl, she would steal clothing from her sisters, but once she moved to London in her 2os, she began to develop her own taste and was inspired by how people were dressing on the streets. She thinks the British city has a “rebellious” fashion scene and credits it with helping her move out of her comfort zone and try new looks:

“Casual day to day. I always copied my sisters growing up and would often steal their dresses and boots. I believe my own style started to evolve once I moved to London at 25. The streets are like a catwalk and incredibly inspiring and liberating. No one ever cares what you are wearing. There is an intrinsic rebelliousness within the London fashion scene that I love.”

Rose is the new face of accessory brand Oroton and reveals that she has been a long time fan because she always associated the company with luxury from a very early age:

“Growing up, Oroton was always the label of luxury. Their in-store and advertising images were always beautiful, timeless and classy, always hinting at something special. I would see their stores on trips from Balmain in to the city and just gaze and window shop.”

On her biggest style regret, Rose recalls one look she wishes she could forget – a green dress she wore to a concert back in the 90s:

“A crocheted green dress paired with Doc Martens and corn rows in my hair that I wore to a Lenny Kravitz concert in 1994. Hideous.”