She may have started out in Disney’s ‘High School Musical’, but Vanessa Hudgens has long ditched her squeaky clean image in favour of a more unique bohemian vibe. Often seen checking out the musical acts at Coachella or enjoying her boyfriend’s company as she walks around in Beverly Hills, Vanessa isn’t the kind of girl who just blindly follows trends. Taking inspiration from different eras including the 70s (seemingly one of her favourites) and 90s, she creates her own very relaxed look that suits her perfectly.

Her style staples include a floppy hat, crochet knits, crop tops,  flared pants, circle frame sunglasses and long flowing maxi-dresses and skirts that effortlessly sweep the floor as she walks. Add to this an array of long pendant necklaces, stacks of bangle bracelets and perhaps a braided hairstyle – Vanessa isn’t about minimalism. It looks nonchalantly pieced together with a casual vibe, even if she’s plotted it to perfection. She oozes cool in her timeless boho inspired style that never looks out of date or out of fashion. She makes her own statement and isn’t afraid to experiment, having fun with her fashion choices along the way. Below is a look at some of her best looks to date!



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