When Victoria Beckham gave birth to her baby girl, Harper Seven Beckham, via caesarean in L.A on the 17th of July, 2011, the pink stripe in the Beckhams’ life finally arrived! With three sons, Harper Seven was definitely a long waited and much desired baby for the couple. This baby girl won the hearts of her parents immediately and the Beckhams seem to be over the moon with their joy and happiness. And now Posh and Becks decided to introduce baby Harper Seven to their fans and posted several pictures in their Twitter accounts.

David and Victoria desired to have a daughter already quite long and after having three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, they already gave up dreaming for a girl. When Victoria learnt about her pregnancy and the couple went to the doctor for a check up, the doctor said it was again a boy. Victoria’s reaction was: “Ugh. Another penis in the house.” However, this turned out not to be right and at the next ultrasound, Victoria and David got their wish as the doctor said that “oh, we think it’s a girl.”
The couple named the girl Harper after the Beckham boys’ favorite TV series, The Wizards of Waverly Place, the name of the character Harper, while her second name Seven, was inspired by David Beckham’s lucky T-shirt number from Manchester United.
The newly born baby girl is going to change things a bit in the Beckham family, as David confessed he’s trying to be more delicate with his daughter, since so far he’s been used to his boys.
However, in the photos both Victoria and David seem to be quite comfortable with their bundle of joy. David took a picture of Victoria and Harper Seven, while the two were sleeping. The baby is sleeping on Victoria’s chest and David Beckham hurried up to show the entire world his “two girls sleeping.”
Victoria also posted a pic of David and their daughter in Twitter, where David looks utterly tender, touching noses with his baby girl. This is certainly a sweet moment and Victoria decided to share it with her fans with the caption “Daddy’s little girl!”
We can’t help but say congratulations to the Beckhams!

Photo courtesy of Twitter