Photo: MissCeleb

With constantly evolving styles, the Kardashian sisters have spoken on how their wardrobes have changed, especially now that Kim and Kourtney are both mothers. Speaking on how her fashion sense has adapted since welcoming daughter North, Kim reveals that she thinks her style has only become more sexier and she is proud to show her post-baby body off because she worked so hard for it. The reality star commented:

“Well, I am definitely way sexier ever since having my daughter! [Laughs] The struggle to get back into shape after giving birth is such a real one. It’s so difficult to do, and afterwards, all you want to do is show off your body and feel sexy. I mean, my style’s definitely more simple…”

Speaking on her mom style, Kourtney adds that she most often gravitates towards practical designs when she’s looking after two children.  When she’s heading out on her own, she likes to dress up a little more but still prefers to keep it quite practical:

“For me, I just go for what’s practical and comfortable. But then, when I’m not with my kids, I usually take those opportunities to step it up. My day-to-day look is all about flats, basically. I still try to look cute and stylish, but I’m all about comfort and practicality…”

Khloe spoke on Kourtney’s maternity style, saying that she admires how her sister dresses her baby bump and she thinks she selects the perfect clothes to flatter her changing figure:

“Kourtney wears pregnancy so well. She wears a ton of maxi dresses toward the end, when she’s really big—you know, drapey pieces that are still fitted on the top.”