This week’s Shopping and Goodies is about bags, color, and some of our favorite designers. Today’s top color trends include orange, mint, white and glow in the dark! Is GITD a color? Find out why Isabel Marant won’t design eveningwear and which celebs refuse to diet! Hmmm…they’re lucky! We hope you’ll enter our giveaway from Katherine Kwei and check out McQueen’s funky platform sandals. Now you know everything we know!

Shopping and Info is sharing Givenchy’s orange color-block duffle bag for spring!

A Few Goody Gumdrops hopes you’ll enter to win Katherine Kwei’s Lulu Tote in white calfskin!

The Fashionable Housewife is trending some fabulous ideas to wear with mint green!

Girls Talkin Smack has the scoop on 5 celebs who refuse to diet!

Be Voguish has the latest designer news why Isabel Marant hates eveningwear & counterfeiters!

Handbag du Jour is enthralled with Alexander Wang’s GLOW IN THE DARK handbags!

What’s Haute wants to know if you’d splurge on these Alexander McQueen Runway Platform No-Heel Sandals!