Tom Ford is no ordinary man. Everybody knows this, and even he himself knows and admits it. He isn’t like any guy you may meet, when you go out. He admits that he’s not a celebrity, not a film star, but like all famous people he also can’t walk a street without being stopped by people, who ask for an autograph or a picture together.
In an interview marking his 50th birthday, Tom Ford talks about lots of things that might interest most of his fans. He says he hopes he doesn’t die tomorrow, tells about his viewpoint on an “ideal” woman, reveals that he hates seeing ladies fully dressed in his designer clothing, and much more. Read on to get more details about your favorite designer.

On turning already 50, Tom says: “I hope that I don’t die tomorrow’. I hope that I get to be a little bit wiser and smarter, and keep learning things, and I’m looking forward to my old age in Santa Fe in my nineties as a sculptor – maybe wearing a lot of dark eye makeup like Louise Nevelson. I don’t know. I might have a Johnny Depp/Santa Fe/Louise Nevelson-sculptor moment in my nineties.”
When asked what type of woman is “ideal” for him, Tom said: “The Tom Ford Woman for me is somebody who has her own sense of style. You change and swing. You have different moods. It’s not necessarily related to what you’re reading about in fashion magazines… she’s a woman who knows herself well, and who wears her clothes and her clothes don’t wear her.”
About women and styling, Tom reveals: “Women love to shop, so they need to be able to find new things. So yes, I’m doing four collections for women, each year… But I don’t enjoy seeing a woman dressed in my clothes from head to toe exactly the way I showed it on the runway. I love when I see somebody who looks amazing and they happen to be wearing one of my jackets and a pair of shoes, they’re mixing things, and they know who they are.”
On being famous, Tom says: “I always think, I’m not a celebrity, I’m not a film star, I can walk around on the streets, and then, when I do, I realize I really can’t. If I walk very fast and I don’t stop, maybe. If I linger, somebody comes up to me. They usually ask if they can take their picture with me, like I’m a building. It’s very strange.”
As for about his personal style, the designer claims: “I have a kind of uniform for London, a uniform for Santa Fe, a uniform when I’m on somebody’s boat, a uniform for the beach. I know who I am. I know what colors work well on me. I know what colors don’t work well on me. I know when I don’t feel well in something.”
On his beauty range, Tom says: “Tom Ford Beauty is a collection I’m very proud of and very serious about. I’ve always been serious about makeup and cosmetics going back to when I was fourteen, and my mother had to take me to the emergency room because I was lying in the bathtub with cucumber slices on my eyes. She had to explain to the guys in the emergency room why her fourteen-year-old son had a giant infection in his eyes.”
It’s not news that Tom is a real workaholic and about this statement he says: “With computer and email, I think we all work twenty-four hours a day. I miss the days when you left your office and your assistant and you couldn’t work any more until Monday. But fashion is like that, and people don’t realize it. They think because fashion changes every season that it’s a business that changes all the time. And while the product does change, your schedule does not change. Year after year after year, you have to try to find ways to reinvent and make it fun.”

Photo courtesy of Getty Images